The following projects are being run and managed by the Trust since 2013-14 under the guidance and support of Chairman Maulana Syed Hesham Magrabi . We are right now running these five projects under this trust:


Arabic medium Madrassa for girls affiliated with Wafaqul Madaris Alarabia, dedicated to impart quality religious education with focus on tarbiyah and dawah. We have a very qualified faculty consisting of graduates of different madaris. Total 23 talibat have completed their Alima program in short span of 9 years. Madrassa Anwar us Sahabiyat is located in Cavalry ground Lahore under the campus of Madrassa Khadija tul Kubra


Hifz madrassa for boys concentrating on tarbiyah, regular schooling, quranic arabic with quality hifz. More than 15 students have completed their hifz program and were able to get admission in reputable institutions due to the quality education they have received in Madrassa. Alhamdulillah now Anwar-ul-Uloom has shifted in its own campus that is adjacent to Masjid Al Wadood, cavalry ground.


This madrassa is dedicated to impart Islamic teaching to each and every common muslim. Madrassa Khadija tul Kubra  conducts morning and evening classes of Quranic tafseer for both ladies and gents, daily masail and short Quranic Arabic courses. For the last ten years madrassa is conducting Daura tafseer in Ramzan and since last five years, Daura hadith has been a regular feature in the month of Shaban.
Madrassa has got its own purpose built campus in cavalry ground street#6 near Sheraz Villas. Additional two online courses have been introduced for housewives. One is Al-Noor one year program which includes basic Aqaid, Masail, Tajweed, Detailed study of daily sunnahs, Quranic arabic.  Another online course is comprehensive One year Arabic course  for women.


Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah (SWT), we are able to distribute monthly food packages for more than 160 deserving families, not just in Ramzan, but around the year.


Masjid Alwadood is located at the spacious land of approximately 3 kanal just adjacent to Main Walton road. 1.5% land is reserved to built a campus of 600 students. This huge project is meant to cater both religious and contemporary studies. Alhamdulillah by grace of Allah (SWT), we were able to built the first floor of masjid and basement of madrassa Anwar ul Uloom in the year 2020-21. The ground floor, first floor and second floor is still under construction.


Darul Ifta is a platform which is meant to guide common people about their sharai matters. Alhamdulillah, Darul Ifta was established two years before, for this purpose. A unique feature of this Darul Ifta is that it has started shariah analysis of businesses  with the collaboration of NAAFEY.